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Increasing Brand Advocacy by Clicking Stuff

True phoneAny brand desires authentic, organically driven advocacy. Word of mouth has always been the most effective form of advertising. With the advent of social media and the easier access to each consumer’s social graph that comes with it, brands are clamoring for fans on the big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google +, and Tumblr.

Brand managers and community managers are always thinking about ways to turn those fans into outspoken advocates that will evangelize the company’s products. While it’s prerequisite to offer a great product or service before that level of brand advocacy can happen, many companies may be wondering how to legitimately affect the tipping point. In other words, what can be done to nudge a satisfied customer into a voracious brand ambassador? (more…)


The Cupcake Conundrum [VIDEO]

Last month I got the opportunity to speak at Portland’s Digital Marketing Conference. I did an ignite-style presentation titled “The Cupcake Conundrum: Turning Lurkers into Contributors”. 5 minutes, 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Here’s the video. (For a copy of the text and the slides, check out this post.)

The Common Rules Of Engagement

Crispation sur XAfter the keynote presentation at the Digital Marketing Conference, someone called out a question to Michael Brito, of Edelman Digital: “Are there any common rules of engagement?”. For a bit of context, Michael was presenting on “The Rise of The Social Customer” (see slides here). Not only was he talking about the role of the empowered, social consumer, but also about the business infrastructure that must be built in order to integrate the social customer into the fabric of the company’s internal functions: operations, product development, customer service.

He responded with some good feedback. His greatest point was that when you engage in social media as a company you have to be authentic. (more…)

The Cupcake Conundrum – Ignite Presentation

I recently gave an Ignite style presentation at this year’s Digital Marketing Conference in Portland, OR. What a rush of nerves and excitement! It was an honor to talk shop about my burning ideas on online community engagement. I only wish it could have been longer. If you’re not familiar with Ignite, it’s a presentation format where the presenter has exactly 5 minutes to talk their talk. They have 20 slides, rotating every 15 seconds. You have no control over those slides. They go with or without you.

While it was exhilirating to experience this as a presenter, I’m sure there were a few blank stares on some of my slides. It’s sort of hard to whittle down the concept of intrinsic values and extrinsic rewards in the context of online community management in a mere 15 seconds. So I wanted to give you the slides, one by one, along with the script I wrote for each. Without the timer running, hopefully it’ll give more food for thought. (more…)

9 Ways to Drive Online Engagement At Your Next Conference

In the realm of what I call distributed social business, where your community members are geographically dispersed, I think one of the best ways to increase participation and engagement is through conferences. In most social business or deep collaboration environments, the real world is still where the rubber meets the road in terms of actually pushing forward towards the group’s common goal. So it makes a lot of sense to fully leverage a conference where most or all of your online community members will be. Doing so can deepen bonds among fellow members, enhance the overall sense of community, and build solidarity around the community’s common goals and vision.

I just returned from a conference where nearly half of our online community key players were attending. The goals of the conference were similar to that of the online community’s, so it made a lot of sense to tie the community website to as many pieces of the live conference as possible. I’ll dig into 9 ways we leveraged the conference to foster higher levels of participation and engagement with our community website. (more…)